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Welcome to the official webpage of Andrea Akse
This muti talented individual will blow you away with what she has instore. Being creative, with good looks and skills in the kitchen it’s difficult to just focus on one thing So why not do all!


A product, a person, an idea, a concept, a dream – we can work on it together and make it available for everyone to see. The popularity of everything depends on the input of energy, professionalism and dedication. 

Whatever you do, if you feel you are doing the right thing and you invest all, your effort, then our creative team will aid you much further than the regular routine of vague efficiency. 

We are here with a purpose – to help people in their search for quality and meaning.

Contact us for all requirements of any sort, branding or marketing and we will get you to the next level.


Vast experience in the field of contemporary cuisine. Andrea is an experienced and talented cook who found her true vocation in the attempt to express herself through the art of cooking.


My experience in Hell’s Kitchen was the greatest adventure that I have encountered. Mainly because I faced and challenged myself. I dived into the unknown and left my comfort zone because I really felt needed it. And reaching that far in the competition, against all odds, gainingso much attention and love from the audience, was both inspiring and truly ‘life-changing’


Andrea is a wonderful, gifted, abstract artist with distinguisable style and personal signature.

Her modern painting technique and vivid colors, powered by her emotions, have all created the perfect environment for her talent to flourish and be noticed.


Andrea Akse has a vast experience in the sphere of modeling, photography, and the production of creative visual content in general. Artistic, stunning in appearence and truly charismatic, Andrea stands out and shines with her own unique light.

Her unquestionable skills on the set, combined with her work ethics and attention to detail make Andrea a preferred partner for any campaign. Being a professional in various fields, Andrea distances herself from modern influencing. Her plans and future projects are designed to inspire the next generation wit quality examples of meaningful personal realization through hard work and devotion.

Extensive work in videos shoots and photo sessions for numerous clients, companies and media outlets. Contact for collaborations

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